a little bit of history...


Lally Stott started to show an interest in music as young as fourteen years old.

He was born as Harold Stott, named after his father, and he came from Prescot, a little village near Liverpool in January 1945.

Lally was a family nickname when he was young, and it stuck with him throughout his life. Lally was Inspired by people like Lonnie Donegan Little Richard Elvis Presley and the Beatles and other local bands that where starting to take off at the time. Jerry and the pacemakers and Billy J Kramer were some of the other local artists at that time.

Although, Lally loved all types of music at a young age it was skiffle music that was a big influence in his early life.

Catchy and typically English songs like "My old man's a dustman" by Lonnie Donegan used to be one of his favourites. Some of guys that came around to the house like Johnny Wokky, Ray Jump, Ian Wilson used to play instruments like a washboard and a tea chest which was like a square box which had a strings attached to it.

It was amazing the sound that came out of these instruments. Lally and his friends would play this in the garden and all the neighbours would come out and watch and clap. It was a great practice session and the boys would have an audience while practicing ... and they loved it!